Thursday, June 22, 2017


It makes no sense...

1. When the car insurance commercial on TV says "I totaled my car, but everyone's okay." 

What?! Are they Superman/Supergirl?
Or are they just claiming a small dent as "totaled" so they can get a new car?

And was it their fault?
They might be a bad driver.
What about the people in the other car? Did they survive?

Every time I see that commercial, I tune it out and start thinking, "They survived? It's a miracle!!"

It makes no sense...

2.  When car dealers in car commercials act like big buffoons. Do they actually think by acting like foolish airheads, people will want to buy their cars?

Maybe these car dealers act stupid in hopes that viewers will think they can trick the dealers into selling a car for less.

For me, I would never buy a car from them. I would be embarrassed to tell people I bought my car from a couple of idiots.

It makes no sense...

3. When, in a movie, a group of people are in a forest, in a cabin with a fire going in the fireplace and a beast of some kind is trying to get in and they have no cell service and are totally clueless on how to get help.

All they have to do is set fire to the forest and people will come.

It makes no sense...

4. When I hear how the White House spends millions of dollars for a party event or some other special event and then claim they can't figure out how to fix the deficit.

Humor is all about perspective.
You've probably always thought air was free.
Go buy a bag of chips.

Thanks, David

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