Monday, June 5, 2017

Why I created this Blog

It was Saturday, in the park, I think it was the fourth of July... 
oh wait, that song by Chicago is still running through my head. It was just a regular Saturday in the park when a little stray dog came up to me and said, "Hi."... oh wait, dogs can't talk...that was also in my head. Eh... now I remember, the stray dog came up to me and looked me straight in the eyes. His big black eyes were so, so... filled with yucky gooey stuff. The dog was sad. (See illustration below) 

I felt for this little unfortunate dog. I wondered what I could do to make this dog happy. I thought about it for a long time but came up with no answers. Then suddenly I realized the answer was staring me right in my armpit. Yes! Right under my arm was the answer! What I had under my arm was a heavy weight 10" x 8" drawing pad. I figured maybe I could make this little dude happy by drawing him something funny. So I started to think. And then, "Boom!" a humorous cartoon came to me!
Below is the cartoon I drew for the stray dog.

I showed it to the dog and immediately his tail started wagging! He was happy! I couldn't believe my eyes. I made a dog happy. I felt like a superhero. I had a super power. A power to change a sad animal to a happy animal! And then I thought I could use this power on humans too!  So I decided I to create a blog where I would draw cartoons... and hopefully make people happy! 
And so that's why I made this blog. (Later I got the dog a good home.)

So join me for some interesting stories behind my cartoons. There will also be some fun contests with cool prizes! But most of all, come here and take a break.

Thanks for stopping by.

Humor is the most significant thing of the human species.

Thanks, David

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